Will Nicholas Cage exponentially add to the crazy ensemble in Kick-Ass 2?

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Folks, over the last few weeks we’ve brought you quite a few rumours and behind-the-scenes pics from Kick-Ass 2, and most of these are thanks to director Jeff Wadlow’s overly enthusiastic tweeting habit, which I really do appreciate. Well, its not like I hound his twitter profile waiting for every snippet of news that he might reveal but…okay well, maybe I do a little. Don’t you judge me!

The new sliver of news comes in the form of a pic of the Big Daddy suit, worn by Nicholas Cage in the first film, and it has the rumour mill churning at full speed again. Will Nicholas Cage don the suit once more, and for how long? Will it only be a cameo? I’m going to hold thumbs for this one, as I felt Cage brought a touch of (insane) class to the first film.

Another picture that was released shows a model of one of the sets, which seems to be the Red Mist’s lair, including a shark tank. Take a look! The Red Mist definitely knows how to party.

Well, we have over 8 months to go before we will be able to see Kick-Ass 2, so for now we are going to have to eagerly anticipate a trailer and hope thet Hit-Girl gets to drop the c-bomb again. Somehow I find it a highly likely scenario.

Last Updated: October 9, 2012

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