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Witness the rise and fall of Ren and Stimpy in this trailer for Happy Happy Joy Joy

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I’ve accepted that there are certain things I will never understand. Like why people watch the Kardashians, why TikTok is popular and Darryn’s taste in food. Another one of those things I could never quite figure out was the popularity around the animated craziness that was Ren and Stimpy.  That bizarre brand of humour may have been the inspiration for the likes of Rick & Morty and Bojack Horseman (two other shows that I will probably not understand the obsession with) but it was just something that I never found funny nor insightful.

And now we will soon be able to learn more about the inspiration behind all of that madness, or should I say rather its controversial creator John Kricfalusi, who is the subject of a new documentary titled Happy Happy Joy Joy. Kricfalusi and his eccentric personality certainly left its mark on the entertainment medium, but it’s the fact that he used his position of power to take advantage of young women that this documentary will also focus on and showcase why the name is frowned upon so much now.

For fans of the show, this should definitely be something worth watching, especially in trying to understand the bizarre mind that could come up with a show so obscure and unusual, and somehow make it popular too. It also shows how the revelations of Kricfalusi’s dodgy actions threatened to derail the show and its reputation. I may not be a fan of the show itself, but this documentary does look well put together and insightful, so might give it a watch.

The documentary is directed by Ron Cicero and Kimo Eastwood who make their directorial debuts here after working as electricians before proving that anyone can name a break into the entertainment and showbiz world. Happy Happy Joy Joy will release on Aug 14 to different On Demand and streaming services

Last Updated: July 30, 2020

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