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WWE Smackdown Results – 13 September 2016

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WWE SmackDown took place at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Here’s all the action that went down.

Opening segment

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New WWE World Heavyweight champion AJ Styles was in the ring to kick Smackdown off with a monologue, but it wasn’t long before John Cena interrupted. Cena had championship gold in sight, and he wanted a piece of Styles. Dean Ambrose made an appearance then, as the former champ was still sore from a sneaky crotch attack at Backlash and was hungry for revenge.

Blah blah blah, the insults went on and on until Smackdown boss Shane McMahon appeared to set up some matches. For the upcoming No Mercy PPV, Shane announced a triple threat between the men for the title and a tag team bout for later in the night. If Styles could find a partner that is.


The Usos defeated The Hype Bros

Smackdown September 13 (3)

With a knee injury hobbling Ryder in this match, the Usos were able to clean the ring and stop a hyped up Mojo with a top-rope splash to open the first big match on Smackdown.

The Miz was in the ring

Smackdown September 13 (4)

And he too was happy to tell the audience how good it was to be the champ. Dolph Ziggler was having none of that however, and challenged The Miz to a rematch without his wife Maryse at ringside. The appearance of Daniel Bryan sealed the deal on that idea, but The Miz was adamant that he would not compete until he got a new Smackdown contract.


AJ Styles continued his search for a tag team partner, running into Baron Corbin. But the big wolf said that he’d rather be an opponent than a pal, as he too was hungry for the belt.


Apollo Crews vs. Baron Corbin ended in a No Contest

Smackdown September 13 (5)

In a Backlash rematch, Corbin decided to blindside Crews before the bell was even rung. Fortunately, Jack Swagger appeared to save the day, announcing that he was joining the Smackdown roster.


Alexa Bliss defeated Natalya, Carmella, Nicki Bella and Naomi

Smackdown September 13 (6)

This Smackdown match was…chaotic, to say the least. Long story short, the lady brouhaha ended with Alexa stealing a pin from Carmella after she knocked out Nikki with a superkick.


Clearly desperate, AJ Styles approached Kane to be his tag team partner for the night. The big red machine merely chuckled and walked away.

Heath Slater’s contact signing was on

Smackdown September 13 (7)

Shane McMahon brought the former one-man rock band to the ring to sign his new Smackdown contract, which was done in a calm and careful manner. No it really was, as Slater thanked the Smackdown managers, tag team partner Rhyno and declared that as champions they were ready to defend the titles at any time or place. An idea that Shane approved of a for a match right then and there.

Heath Slater and Rhino defeated The Ascension

Smackdown September 13 (8)

Even though the Ascension were clearly botching a move or two, they were still dominating the opening of this Smackdown championship match. Slater managed to give Rhyno a hot tag, who cleared the ring and Gored Victor to get the three-count.



Scraping the bottom of the barrel, AJ Styles almost had a tag team partner: A local jobber by the name of James.


Randy Orton was in the ring

Smackdown September 13 (9)

And he was there to probably say some nasty stuff about Bray Wyatt. But the Eater of Worlds interrupted, his image flickering on the big screen before he magically appeared at ringside. The lights went off again, Wyatt was gone and was replaced by Rowan in the ring who attacked Orton from behind. Giving the Viper a moment to recover was his mistake however, as Rowan walked into an RKO as this Smackdown segment ended.

John Cena and Dean Ambrose defeated AJ Styles and The Miz

Smackdown September 13 (10)

Before jobber James Ellsworth could make his way into the ring, The Miz decided to team up with Styles and toss the local boy out of the way. And so the Smackdown main event started! Lots of tags, lots of sneaky attacks from the heels and Cena did his usual work of barely surviving in the ring, long enough to land a few big moves and give Ambrose the hot tag.

Smackdown September 13 (1)

The finish to the main event came with Ambrose throwing Styles out of the ring and keeping him grounded with a Suicide Dive, while Cena locked The Miz into an Attitude Adjustment for the three-count. With the match over, Ambrose decided to end Smackdown for the night with a Dirty Deeds finisher on Cena as the show finished its transmission.

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  1. So Cena lost clean to AJ, what gives him any “right” to challenge for the title now without first “proving” himself against others again?


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