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Yo Adrian! ROCKY is headed to Broadway

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ROCKY - Das Musical Pressekonferenz in Hamburg

When you think of boxing movies, the first franchise that comes to mind is Rocky. Those fights with Ivan Drago, Clubber Lang and Apollo Creed. Those epic ten counts, that search for redemption and why the hell did Pauly have a freakin’ robot in the fourth movie?

That franchise was pretty much laid to rest with Rocky Balboa in 2006, but that was only for the big screen. Brace yourself gents, because the Rocky musical experience is headed to Broadway. Yooooooooo Adrian, I punched a dreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam!

No, I am not making this up, nor has Kervyn left me concussed in our weekly reenactment of the ending for Rocky 3. With Stallone himself involved, the Rocky musical will be headed towards Broadway with a reported $30 million budget. And holy hell, I am absolutely speechless. I’m being genuine here. I just can’t believe that this exists.

Which means that I have to go and see it. Make a new start! Rocky! Fight from the heart!



Last Updated: April 29, 2013

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