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You review Annabelle: Creation

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Last week we enjoyed a community meet up and screening of Annabelle: Creation, the prequel to 2014’s Annabelle (which itself is a prequel to The Conjuring!). The horror, from Swedish Director David Sanberg, got plenty of you screaming in your seats, but was the movie any good? Well, I have my say in the video below, with a few community guest appearances at the end!

So that’s what I thought, what about the rest of you? Have a read and find out:

Ameez August “It was awesome , much scarier than the first one. It was an amazing experience.”

Ian Stevens – “We really enjoyed the evening, thank you. We found the movie to be an intense ride, and definitely up there in some of the scariest movies we’ve watched thus far. It was a lot more intense for me than the Conjuring and many times we considered walking out (and some people did) as my gf was taking some strain, hehe.”

Farryl Meyer – “Enjoyed the vibe in the theater,I laughed a lot for the crowd’s reaction to the scary moments. Thanx for an awesome outing :-)”

Delano Cuzzucoli – “Cheap jump scares and occasional hammy acting aside, it’s a genuinely creepy outing and one of the stronger entries in The Conjuring series.” – 7/10

Dario Barresi – “The jump scares were real with this one” – 7.5/10

Aaron Williams – “Thanx for the tickets to Annabelle Creations was disturbingly great to watch and definitely outdone the original Annabelle which was a bit lackluster. Def recommended for horror lovers.” – 8/10

Leigh muller – “I underestimated the movie, I got a good few scares! Great movie 8 out of 10 because I feel the build up at the beginning of the movie could have been better.”

Dewan “Another great job by James Wan, he makes playing with dolls that make more creepy.” – 7/10

Magoo ZA – “I would give the film a 6/10 The actors, cinematographers and sound guys did the absolute best they could with the script, but I feel the story was lacking in depth and thrill.”

Liza Smith – “Absolutely loved the evening! Here is my sentence: A horror that will stay with you long after the end credits have rolled. Jump in your seat scary stuff.” – 7/10

Rabia Karriem – “Thank you for choosing me to watch the screening last night. The movie was great and very scary. There was a time that I just wanted the movie to end as I was experiencing some spiritual chills.” – 9/10

Kaz Miller – “Cleverly paced storyline and mind-numbing scares that will haunt you throughout the night! Thank you for the opportunity to watch the movie.” – 8/10

Cherice Williams – “I would like to say I truly enjoyed it last night… Found it to be one of the best horror movies so far for the year in my opinion. 8 out of 10 – did not get me to scream but covered my eyes a lot of the time during the movie.”

Jacques Van Zyl – “First off, a huge thank you to CriticalHit and your sponsors for making this happen. It was an awesome event! I really enjoyed it though, there wasn’t a lot of gore and most of the horror came from actual tension built upon the choices of the characters, even if these were never smart choices. I really liked that the purpose and exact nature of the doll/demon was obscured for most of the film, like I spent a good hour plus trying to figure out what motivates the doll, and the reveal, although a bit cliched, was still really nicely done. I mean the jump scares were predictable and fell a bit flat, but overall, a decent enough horror movie if not one that’ll leave me sleepless.” – 7/10.

Shameek Gopal – “Thanks a lot for the double tickets! It was an awesome experience, from the red carpet entrance into the cinema, to the prize giveaway, and the funny sense of humour which you guys added to the scary atmosphere and movie. I would personally rate the whole experience as a 10/10! The movie was freaking horrifying.”

Tasneem Karriem – “The movie had me at the edge of my seat the entire time. A solid 8/10 ?”

Ian Morgan – “Thank you for arranging the screening. As with all the other movies in the Conjuring universe, it gets a 10/10.
The only true modern Horror franchise.”

Wikus Radyn – “Great addition to Conjuring series, especially because it feels like it reigns in a bit of the crazy that the movies tend to head to in the third act. Creepy doll aside, some great acting from the kids and wasted talent from the adults, because even the doll acted better than them. – actual attempt to give an opinion.”

Ruandre Janse Van Rensburg – “The movie was a blast with plenty of jump scares and creepy atmosphere. I particularly enjoyed the fact that it was an ‘origins’ tale and that it filled in some of the back-story. Great fun all round. 8/10 from me :)”

Brandon Lei – “Annabelle : Creation provides one of the strongest offerings in the conjuring universe. With cleverly paced scares and enough tension to grip the audience from start to finish, it’s one hell of a ride! 7/10”

Claudia Zuccarini – “I found it truly terrifying (and not just the usual jump scares). I would give it a solid 9 out of 10. Better than the first one in my opinion and lots of attention to detail.”

Sakeenah King – “It was fun! Thank you , The movie and service was excellent so I rate it 10 out 10.”

Gavin Gilowey  “Firstly, let’s just start by saying I’m a big horror movie fan so scoring 7 out of 10 is big praise already. Sure it’s your typical demon doll someone gets possessed story but what makes it great is that as the protagonist struggles to run away due to her disability you feel the same kind of helplessness. Feeling stuck in that moment of horror with no possibility to run away. The use of the darkness was also a great way of making you feel like a small kid away (after watching a horror movie in the lounge and then having to go back to your room with all the lights off, jumping from one light switch to the next not knowing what’s in the dark, obviously nothing but your mind says otherwise). And finally the use of sound or even the lack of it. You knew something was coming when a low sub bass sound was being murmured and then suddenly ramped up when the horror came.”

Again, thanks to TimesMediaFilms for a great experience! We hope to keep on offering our readers more in the near future! See you soon!

Last Updated: August 23, 2017

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