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You should be watching – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Brooklyn 99 (2)

Cop shows aren’t exactly a rare breed. But cop comedy shows? The last time we got to laugh at the boys in blue was most likely when Leslie Nielsen was a menace to society in the 1980s in Police Squad. But New York’s finest are back in action. And it’ll leave you with a taste for law and disorder.

What really works for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, is that the show manages to hit a comfortable stride within only a few episodes. By the fifth episode, everyone has settled into their roles. Samberg keeps the atmosphere light as the Mahoney of the group, Detective Jake Peralta. Joe Lo Truglio waltz in and out of scenes as a goofball and food-obsessed cop who will never find his advances towards the rougher than sandpaper Rosa played by Stephanie Beatriz.


Terry Crews plays another Terry, only this time his muscles are bound to a desk thanks to a severe phobia of being shot and leaving his children without a father. Then you’ve got Andre Braugher as the no-nonsense Police Captain Holt who is determined to make his precinct the best in all of New York, after being denied any authority for years after being openly gay on the force.

Braugher provides the necessary straight man foil to Samberg’s impish side, a combination that works well with Melissa Fumero and her highly competitive nature that will see her do anything to gain the approval of Holt and be a better detective than Peralta. But it’s Chelsea Peretti who steals the show as Gina, a kleptomaniac office administrator with a wide array of mental traits that range from narcissism to sarcasm. Yet she’s still an indispensable part of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine crew.

Brooklyn 99 (4)

And really, that’s the strength of Brooklyn Nine Nine. What could have easily been an Andy Samberg one-man show is more of an ensemble comedy, with each actor bringing their various strengths to the show. You’ve also got various guest appearances that never feel forced, and thanks to the small doses of comedy that these characters are used for, you’ve got a great show on your hands that carries the Police Academy spirit proudly.

Technically, Brooklyn Nine-Nine feels like a cop version of Scrubs and that ain’t a bad thing at all. There’s still action, hijinks and some physical comedy, but it’s all done in a manner that results in a tightly packaged show that knows when a joke needs to end.

Brooklyn 99 (5)

Cast chemistry, fun weekly adventures and some decent action thrown in for good measure. I can’t wait for the Brooklyn cops to book season 2 in for return trip to the big house.

Last Updated: July 1, 2014

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