You’re going to need an iron bladder to sit through Avengers 4

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The golden rule of going to the movies is that I will make certain that your prostate gets stimulated with your smartphone if you don’t switch it off silent before a film begins. The other other rule of going to the movies is that you should never buy yourself a drink from the concessions stand. You might think that your iron bladder is up to the task, but c’mon: Having to do a sitting pee-pee dance during a long film is going to ruin the experience for you.

It’s a fact that was especially prevalent during Avengers: Infinity War this year when I became acquainted on a first-name basis with various asses that brushed over my face as cinema attendees found themselves unable to contain the after-effect of drinking a litre of water and sugar within their systems, something that will probably happen again next year when Avengers 4 closes the book on more than a decade of action the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to co-director Joe Russo, you can expect Avengers 4 in its current cut to be a whopping three hours long. “It’s currently sitting right at three hours,” Russo said on his Instagram Stories page via CNET.

So we’ll see if that holds, but it’s sitting right at three hours right now.

It probably won’t. Movies need to make money, and when your film happens to have a long running time, that means that it can only be shown so many times a day. Avengers: Infinity War clocked in at two and a half hours on the big screen, so expect Avengers 4 to have plenty of footage left on the cutting room floor when it arrives next year on May 3. Still, at least that’ll leave plenty of deleted scenes to shove into the Blu-Ray DVD. AVENGERS DELETED SCENES, ASSEMBLE!

Last Updated: November 9, 2018

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