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Zack Snyder reveals new look at Justice League villain Darkseid

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There are many reasons why I’m actually looking forward to Zack Snyder finally getting to release his director’s cut of Justice League. Since the unexpected announcement last week that the Snyder Cut of the 2017 DC Comics blockbuster would be released on HBO Max, I’ve listed a few of my reasons for excitement. Here’s one I haven’t really mentioned though: Darkseid.

The ultimate big bad of the DC Comics universe, a literal god of evil whose power transcends space and time, Darkseid was supposed to be teased throughout what was going to be Part 1 of Justice League, revealing himself in full at the end of the film at which point the heroes would probably go “Oh crap” and then poop their tights until Part 2 rolled around. When Snyder had to exit the production due to family tragedy though and Warner Bros. decided to have new director Joss Whedon scrap a bunch of Snyder’s plans, Darkseid was cut from the plot entirely – including the plans to make Justice League a two-parter – and it was his lieutenant, Steppenwolf, who got pushed up to the role of central villain. And, well, we all saw how that turned out. But with the Snyder Cut, Darkseid is back at the top where he belongs and now we’ve got our first look at him. Kind of.

Snyder tweeted out this (unfortunately not high-res) image and ominous caption yesterday afternoon, the same day that HBO Max launched in the US. For those of you have been tracking the Snyder Cut over the last few years, you would know that this is essentially a vastly improved version of the black and white storyboard art that Snyder had already revealed last year. The image depicts a young Darkseid, still going by his birthname of Uxas, as he participated in the failed previous invasion of Earth that Diana tells Bruce Wayne about in a flashback scene in Justice League. In that theatrical version of the scene, it’s Steppenwolf that takes Darkseid’s place though.

Actor Ray Porter recently confirmed long-running rumours that he was actually supposed to play Darkseid in the film, probably through mo-cap and voiceover. And of that last aspect, Porter actually spoke to Lightcast, saying people have been asking him on social media to reveal his Darkseid voice, which he describes as “not of this Earth”. However, the actor has fans asked for patience, as not even he’s heard it properly yet.

You’ll hear it when I hear it. I went through a few different sort of vocal gymnastic things in kind of trying to figure out the voice. I needed it to be understandable, but it needed to be a voice that was not of this Earth. And that’s what I tried to go for. I can’t wait to hear it either, because also, while I did this voice and everybody was really, really nice about it. I know that in post they probably did stuff to it, and I can’t wait to hear that. Plus, the voice that I did, it wouldn’t be something that I could really project. It’s hard, hard on the vocal cords.

Well, damn. Now I really need to hear it. As if I actually needed another reason to be excited about finally getting Darkseid on-screen. 2021 needs to get here quickly.

Last Updated: May 28, 2020

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