Zombies, Robots and Dolph Lundgren in this poster and trailer for BATTLE OF THE DAMNED

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Don’t like dumb movies? Well then I advise you to turn back now, because this one looks spectacular. For the rest of you, click on to see what Dolph Lundgren has been up to.

Look at this poster. It is for a movie called Battle of the Damned. It is a good poster.


There is also a trailer for this movie. Watch it. Witness the fact that such a thing exists.

I’ll try to flesh things out a little and say something about the story: one day a man called Max Gatling (no really, it’s just Dolph Lundgren) is hired to go to a town full of zombies to save a lady and then there are also robots and some things happen and there is fighting. Honestly, if I just filled this whole article with nothing but the words zombies, robots and Dolph Lundgren, it would pretty much tell you all you need to know. No need to pretend that this movie will be good or anything, but it certainly looks like something, right? Something amazing.

Zombies. Robots. Dolph Lundgren.



Last Updated: October 11, 2013

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