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10 great Easter Eggs in video game history

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6. I’ll tell you everythi-Is that an Amiga 64?- Call of Duty Black Ops (2010)


As if anyone actually plays these games for the single-player campaigns. The great thing about last year’s version of COD wasn’t the addictive multiplayer, but the PC hidden behind you in the main menu, filled with all kinds of extras. Break free from your interrogation chair and start typing the right keywords in, and you’ll get such gems like retro classic game, Zork, a hidden arcade game and more maps for the zombie mode.

7. Keep your eyes closed!- BloodRayne (2002)


BloodRayne was more than just a gorgeous, vampire redhead nazi-killer. We’re just not exactly sure on what her other qualities were specifically, so we’ll let you guys decide. But one thing is evident in the design of this game, is that the developers had a clear fascination with the Indiana Jones films.

Look hard in the Nazi Compound level, and you’ll discover the Ark of the Covenant itself sitting idly, totally not melting the faces off of german soldiers.

8. You’re pathetic- Wave Race Blue Storm (2001)


How about this for a well hidden secret? This Gamecube title had been sitting around for almost a decade before its secret was discovered, although most people who uncover it will wish they hadn’t.

If you fiddle around with the audio options and input a lengthy string of codes correctly, you’ll unlock some sort of sarcasm mode in this jetski racing game, as an anonymous voice mercilessly belittles you for every mistake you make. Also, some girl makes random cat noises for no real reason at all.

To hear and see this effect in action, watch it here, in all its hate-filled glory.

9. The Anti-Easter Egg- GTA San Andreas (2004)


And for once, we’re not talking about the infamous hot coffee mod. No instead, grab yourself a jetpack, and fly straight to the top of the bridge that connects Las Venturas and San Fierro, and you’ll see that Rockstar left a little message for you.

“There are no Easter Eggs up here. Go away.” Classy Rockstar, classy.

10. The Bovine Vendetta- Diablo 2 (2000)


After so much pestering from fans who thought they new better than developer Blizzard, the studio finally relented and slipped in a secret level into the sequel of their popular, dairy free Diablo game.

Carry around the severed leg of Wirt with you,transmute it with a tomb of town portal scrolls once the game is beaten the first time, and you’d get access to the Secret Cow Level, a level filled with murderous, spear-wielding bovines that are want you dead.

Hard as nails, but loaded with unique items, the battle-moos of the Secret Cow Level took many a hardcore character down in a humorous death.

Is there a particular Easter Egg that you remember that we didn’t include? Let us know below.


Last Updated: June 22, 2011

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