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10 Reasons why MGO is better than COD4 Multiplayer

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“Donnie B” from AnalogHype has been playing a lot of Metal Gear Online lately. So much so that he has actually started neglecting his usual fix of online noob-pwnage, COD4.

This inspired him to put together a list of 10 reasons why MGO is better than playing COD4’s multiplayer. While I haven’t played MGO myself, I have had a lot of time online with COD4 and all that I can say is that he better have some amazing points because COD4’s multiplayer is great.

So if any of you out there have been lucky enough to play it, let us know if you agree with him or think he is a psycho. Check the full list after the jump.


Metal Gear Online customizations whoop the ass of COD4s. You can customize the guns and the outfit your guy is wearing. Plus if you do good you earn more guns and newer outfits. Just like COD4s rank system but better.


The Stat tracking system is a million times more in depth than COD4s “Barracks”. It keeps your personal stats, matches played has leader boards and clan management. There’s really nothing missing here.


The graphics are beautiful. On par with Singleplayers cut-scenes. With the same amazingly detailed textures and great frame rate.


Sons of the Patriots system is the air support. It can expose the enemy you can tag enemies so they can’t just sneak around and catch you with your pants down. What does a UAV do? NOTHING! Compared to the SOP.


MGO has some of the best game modes I’ve ever seen. COD4 has the same game 3 modes just with slight tweaks. While MGO has a 5+ different amazing game modes that you can’t get tired of playing.


YOU GET TO PLAY AS SNAKE! In one of the game modes one player from one team gets to play as the legendary battle hero Solid Snake himself. Using the Octocamo to your advantage to collect dog tags from the other teams dead. One player also gets to assist Snake with the MK. II


Solider Launcher = some of the best fun I’ve ever had in a game. Name one other game where you can launch yourself across the map via man cannon.


COD4s melee has nothing on CQC. Sneaking up behind or catching someone when they walk around the corner with a quick leg sweep or body slam is possibly the most refreshing feeling ever and might I add it’s hilarious to be a spectator for this event.


Hiding actually works. Whether it’s in the cardboard box just trying to blend in while unsuspecting enemies walk buy then pop out for an attack. Or if it’s in the oil drum rolling around knocking down enemies. Hiding actually works in MGO. Unlike Call of Duty 4s Ghillie Suit.


An in-game camera is also available. Once equipped, a photo can be taken of any active online matches. Up to 100 photos can be stored in memory, and these photos can then be color-edited, and saved as a JPEG onto the PS3’s XMB menu where you can take it off you PS3 and show your friends, or alternatively a smaller version can be uploaded onto the MGO Community Support page.

source: AnalogHype

Last Updated: June 23, 2008

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