10 things you have to know about Fable 2

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With Fable 2 just around the corner, fans of the series and newcomers alike can start getting really excited about all the great features that the game looks to be offering.

A lot of people are skeptical because Peter Molyneux is known for over-promising and under-delivering, but Fable 2 looks like it is going to actually be delivering on all the great features this time around! It’s with this in mind that IGN has posted up an article titled “Fable 2: 10 Things You Absolutely Have to Know”, listing a whole bunch of reasons why you should be getting excited for this game.

I was quite a fan of the first game although I never got around to finishing it but my wife hammered it through twice on good and evil so I am most excited with the idea of being able to have the both of us get our characters in the game and play through a lot of it co-operatively.

I know I am pretty excited about this game, if you aren’t follow the link to IGN below and check out what the game has to offer. You might just find yourself changing your mind.

Source: IGN

Last Updated: August 25, 2008

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