101 Free games: Thanks 1up!

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Do you love gaming? Really? Fancy meeting you here!

Well guess what? It just so happens that Darren Gladstone and Scott Sharkey from 1up.com have put up a great article listing 101 of the best free games available on the internet today, from simple puzzles to full blown adventure games.

Now I know that most of us prefer sitting in the living room drooling over the marvel that is high definition next-gen gaming, but every now and then we have nothing to play, or are sitting bored at work with nothing to do. This is where the little beauties come in to save the day. Follow the link below for the full article, it’s really worth a look.

Many current developers started out small, making mods and small freeware games, look at the the guys from TurtleRock, who started by creating a little mod for half-life called Counter-Strike, the developers of portal are another fine example. Who will be the next set of nobody’s to pump out some ingenious little game that will revolutionise gaming? So, there you go, check them, test them, play them, love them. Because it doesn’t matter if you don’t, ’cause they’re all free!

For the full article: 1up.com

Last Updated: April 22, 2008

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