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120GB HDD comes with a lot of conditions

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Xbox 360 Elite

 So there seem to be a bit of fine print for using the the new 120Gb HDD. I presume this only applies to the data cable transfer.

  • You cannot put the data from two or more 20 GB hard disks onto one 120 GB hard disk. If you attempt to move multiple drives, only the last one you move will be stored.
  • You can only move data from the 20GB Hard Disk to the 120 GB Hard Disk. Transferring data in the other direction, or any other combination, is not possible.
  • Any data stored on the 120 GB hard disk will be automatically deleted.
  • Any data stored on the 20 GB hard disk will be automatically deleted after it is moved over.
  • Once you move the data over, it cannot be placed back on the original hard disk.
  • It all just looks like they are trying to avoid people having two copies of their downloadable data which is all fine and well, except that when the Xbox started offering downloadable movies customers where told to buy more HDD’s if they needed more space. Now according to point 1 above, you cannot get your second HDD’s information over to your new fancy 120Gb drive.

    That’s not very nice Microsoft, I think they need to make a plan or they will be enduring some very angry consumer backlash.

    Last Updated: March 29, 2007

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