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2007-08 Achievement Awards

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Are you one of many people out there who are addicted to achievements and the resulting gamerscore? Do you see the naming and thought process behind achievements as an art?

Then these awards are for you, Xbox360Achievements.org have announced, okay they announced it a month ago but it’s a really slow news week, the winners of their annual Achievement Awards and it’s a great list to go through if you want to quickly bump up your score.

For the GSW’s out there you need to rush out and pick up copies of Avatar (Easiest Action, Easiest Overall), NFS Undercover (Easiest Racing), Madden 09 (Easiest Sports) and Cabela’s Big Game Hunter (Easiest Shooter).

However if you are more into it for the challenge then keep an eye out for Ninja Gaiden 2 (Hardest Action), Far Cry 2 (Hardest Shooter) and Beijing 2008 (Hardest sports).

According to x360a the best publisher of achievements would be the creators themselves, Microsoft while Ubisoft are bringing up the rear with easy and unimaginative achievements.

As for the most promising achievement title this year… Bioshock 2 apparently…

For the full list and all the details follow the link below.

Source: Xbox360Achievements

[Thanks ewie for the tip]

Last Updated: March 19, 2009

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