28th April: ZAPS GTA Launch event

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On the eve of GTA IV’s launch, ZAPS in Randburg is going to be holding a launch event.

There will be a dress up competition, the 5 best dressed gamers will be given a GTA hamper for their troubles (and humiliation). We are told that there will be plenty of GTA giveaways as well.

Four Xbox 360 and two PS3 kiosks will be running GTA throughout the day for those who can’t wait to test the game out for themselves. A 40 PC LAN will also be available for people to mess around and play some games during the event, as well as an area that will allow a 16 player “bring-your-own-xbox” LAN.

The game will go on sale at 12 o’clock midnight. For those of you that don’t know, the Brightwater Commons has restaurants, movie theatres and even some lawn to keep you busy if you need to help yourself pass the time until midnight arrives.

A few of us from Lazygamer will be at the event, so we will be sure to take some pics of the folks who dress up and post them on the site for everyone to see. A fair trade considering they are going to win some hampers.

If you need more info on the location or availability, check out www.zaps.co.za

Last Updated: April 22, 2008

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