2K Games : Console Wars Are Silly

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Console rivalries have existed for about as long as consoles have are indeed a silly thing, and the first BioShock is in the position of having been a great source of fuel to its fire this generation. Once an Xbox 360 exclusive (on consoles, at least) and reviled by PS3 owners – until it found its way to their platform of choice and went from being crap to brilliant.

Creative director for BioShock 2, 2K Marin’s Jordan Thomas has – after prodding by Destructoid – lashed out at the needless console war that exists in fanboys hearts and minds.

"There’s a cognitive effect known as ‘confirmation bias’ which leads people to latch onto conclusions that support their preferences and ignore data which doesn’t," explains Jordan Thomas. "This leads to wild, unreasoning loyalty to a chosen platform, sports team, or brand of soda.

"From a development perspective, the console wars are a bit silly; our target is consistency, and it’s always kind of sad to see people throwing their energy into “platform partisanship”, because it seems to flood the critical channels and drown out other creative discourse."

I remember – with much fondness – the great 16 bit console wars, and the petty squabbling between adherents of the SNES, and its mascot Mario and those of the Genesis/MegaDrive with Sonic at its head. The two of them got over the silly clash, even appearing in games together. I think its time PS3 and Xbox fanboys hugged it out.

Source : Destructoid

Last Updated: February 8, 2010

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