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343 Industries hires professional Halo player

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Eric Hewitt, aka Gh057ayame of Team Carbon, a professional Halo team, has been hired by 343 Industries. He uploaded a photo of a flight ticket to Seattle on his twitter page, suggesting that he was bound for the Seattle based studio. His biography on Twitter was also updated to confirm he was part of the 343 Industries team.

Hewitt has helped before on previous Halo games, helping create the settings for Halo 4 tournament play and also helped out in last year’s Halo 4 Global Championship in Austin, Texas.

This isn’t the first time 343 has hired professional Halo players. Last year, the professional players “Neighbour” and “Dersky” joined the team last year. It’s not clear what role Hewitt will play at the company, but I would imagine as someone who is familiar with the game and knows what the community wants would give insight on exploitable parts of maps and mechanics and feedback on new mechanics and maps. I think it’s a fantastic idea to have someone on your team who is very familiar with high level play on the client side of things.

343 Industries Is currently working on the successor to Halo. Earlier this month it was confirmed the next Halo will be on the Xbox One this year, despite it being missing from the 2014 lineup of Xbox One games. Hewitt’s input on the next game will no doubt be invaluable to 343 and I hope it turns out to be a better game taken in a different and interesting direction.     

Last Updated: January 14, 2014

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