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360 not unstable

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Not that anyone believes them but Microsoft in the guise of Todd Holmdahl has come out and stated that they do not have a high defect rate on the 360 at all… Yeah right Todd… Anyway he did make one statement that is very accurate. 

We’re very proud of the box. We think the vast majority of people are having just a great experience. You look at the number of games they are buying, the number of accessories they are buying, the Live attach. They love the box. They continue to buy the box.

Microsoft do have space to gloat at the moment, the attachment rate is sky high, they continually outsell the PS3 in all markets except Japan and the number of Xbox’s connected to Live is amazing.

Not to mention the amount of Arcade games that are downloaded and movies that are streamed in the states….

Not sure about the overpriced accessories though?

Source: GameDaily BIZ: Microsoft: We Don’t Have a High Defect Rate on 360

Last Updated: June 19, 2007

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