Xbox 360 workers threaten a mass suicide

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So you think you work for a bad company do you, well spare a thought for pretty much any low level employee of Foxconn in China which is quickly becoming the visible human detriment to you having that low cost device in your house/hands.

The latest incident to hit Foxconn is when Xbox 360 workers asked for more cash at the beginning of the year only to be told they had 2 choices. Accept what they’ve already got or leave and get a payout.

300 of these guys and girls decided to escape from purgatory and take the payout but once they had left that money apparently never arrived. So they did what any normal overworked employee would do.

They climbed to the top of the building and threatened to all jump off unless the promises made to them were kept.

Thankfully after the intervention of the local mayor no underpaid workers needed to be cleaned off the floor but this is just yet another terrible story about Foxconn who have 12 mammoth factories across China and are responsible for a host of high tech devices including the iEverything and the Xbox 360.

2 years ago after a spate of suicides they were forced into action by the international uproar and installed anti-suicide nets around the buildings so that depressed workers would get tangled up in them instead of dying.

Hey but at least we’ve got cheap electronics right.

Sorry this was meant to be a light hearted dig at people killing themselves for being forced to use the Xbox 360 but it just didn’t go that way.

Last Updated: January 11, 2012

Gavin Mannion

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