$399 40gig PS3 Coming Soon and FFXIII Could be Delayed Until Late 08

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If anyone knows how to get their hands on the latest Game informer magazine you will see some decent rumours floating around inside.

They are anticipating a 40GB PS3 for $399 to be released soon. I am starting to think Sony have a pile of used hard drives that they are working through because I fail to see a use for yet another SKU in this line up…

If you are in a gambling mood you can try and pick up one of every SKU and sell them as a collection. 20Gb NTSC with Emotion Engine (EE), 60Gb NTSC, with EE, 60Gb PAL with no EE, 80Gb NTSC with no EE, 40Gb NTSC with no EE.

I count 5 SKU’s so far… did I miss one?

In more news it is being rumoured that FFXIII is now going to be delayed until the end of 2008 for Japan with the rest of the world following afterwards… So don’t expect to get your FF fix until mid 2009 now.. You would think they could re-write the entire game in 2 years never mind just finishing it off…

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Last Updated: July 17, 2007

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