3D games on the PS3 are graphically inferior

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Inferior, I love that word. It gets the hair standing up on the loyal fanboys back and is at the same time perfectly accurate.

But back to the point, much has been said about the PS3’s ability to render 3D games and this has already been proven when they took the 1080p HD title WipeOut and successfully rendered it in 3D.

The only problem being that the 3D rendering takes it toll to the tune of a couple hundred pixels dropping WipeOut down to a 720p title… which in all honesty is still all you need for a 42” TV no matter what anyone tells you.

The other 3D title that has received the treatment is MotorStorm which has dropped from a perfect 720p to sub-HD… and is now reliant on the PS3’s up scaling algorithm.

Not being a major graphics person this really makes no difference to me and lets not forget that this is just the beginning of the 3D revolution, things can only get better.

Or fade away into obscurity for another 40 years.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: April 26, 2010

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