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4 cancelled PS3 games we didn’t know about

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One of the hardest decisions ever to be forced to make must be whether or not to cancel something that has taken months or years of work just before it’s ready to be revealed simply because you know it isn’t going to succeed.

In an industry such as videogames one of the greatest costs is the actual release, distribution and marketing of a new title so if you are in the run up to concluding a game and in all honesty it sucks it sometimes makes sense to kill it even if you’ve spent years developing it (The Getaway anyone?)

But then again some games you’ll know just aren’t very good quite early in, we don’t know anything about these 4 games that were cancelled but they were spotted on a developers CV on LinkedIn

High Rise (cancelled) – PS3 – Sound Designer / Audio Lead
Hand of God (cancelled) – PS3 – Sound Designer / Audio Lead
Psynapse (cancelled) – PS3, PSP – Sound Designer / Audio Lead
Retriever (cancelled) – PSP – Motion Capture Dialog Recordist, additional sound design

I don’t know why but High Rise sounds like an awesome game just from the title, I wonder what it was about? I like to imagine a Towering Inferno styled game where you need to rescue people before they leap out the windows on fire and plummet down to the hard concrete below.

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Last Updated: July 28, 2011

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