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4 New Halo games in the making

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According to Microsoft Game Studios head Phil Spencer, Microsoft has plenty more Halo in store for its fans. Quoted in an interview with games industry.biz Spencer said “Well, there’s more than one team building Halo games right now. There are more than two or three teams building Halo things right now. Some of them we will own, some of them we won’t. It’s never been, for me, about who you own or don’t own — it’s about working with the best creative talent in the industry”.

“It’s one of the important reasons we’re here in Europe — the history that Europe has in creating some of the best franchises in videogame history is clear, and us creating a publishing presence here is to further work with the likes of Dave Jones, Peter Molyneux, Sarah and David up at Bizarre, Remedy — the teams that we’re either working with today or have worked with in the past,” Spencer continued. “It’s important that we continue to work on those relationships — but it doesn’t mean you have to acquire them all. Some of them you will, like Lionhead. Some of them, like Epic, you’ll just continue to maintain an external relationship.”

Ok so with more than 3 teams working on Halo projects we can deduce there’s at least 4 games being made, ensemble are wrapping up Halo Wars, there Peter Jackson’s halo project which Ryan Payton of Kojima productions fame is rumoured to joining as well. Which leaves us with at least 2 unknown games? maybe we will see a halo RPG, or a MMO, maybe the time has come for Master Chief assault rifle training on the Wii, your guesses and speculation are as good as mine.

Source: Gamesindustry.biz

Last Updated: September 22, 2008

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