4 PSN games pulled from the network

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Lestrade over at the PS3 official community forums has posted a thread apologising for the problems that the community has experienced with MediEvil, Spyro, Spyro 2 and Crash Bandicoot that they may have downloaded from the PSN…

It’s nice to see a company apologising and accepting that they made a mistake. PS3 fans stop reading here and go about with your daily lives….

Okay they gone? Now lets move back into reality. How can you mess up 4 games in quick succession. Was the tester on a lunch break when you handed the software over?

These aren’t little problems either.

MediEvil fails at the 3rd level. Spyro has sound problems and black screens, Spyro 2 black screens and Crash Bandicoot won’t work when put on a PSP…

Yeah it’s great Sony apologised but this is idiotic, how do you even let this happen? Someone should be dragged outside and shot.

1 is a mistake, 2 is an accident, 3 is incompetence and 4…. I don’t think they ever invented a word for 4 in a row.

Follow the link to see what PS fans are saying in the forums about this, they really are a forgiving bunch.

Link to MediEvil & Spyro issues – Official PlayStation Community

Last Updated: July 31, 2007

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