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5 year old beaten to death for breaking a TV

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The Nintendo Wii has a deserved reputation for being a family friendly console and for most people when you think about your 5 year old playing on the Wii it’s a nice memory.

Unfortunately for the disgustingly useless Kim Crawford all she’s ever going to remember when she see a Wii is how she beat her son to death the last time he was playing on the Wii.

This useless human being is in the limelight right now because her son accidently (or purposefully) broke the TV while playing which led her to hit him as hard as she could in the back and the stomach.

Kim Crawford, 21, smacked Jamar Johnson in his back and stomach on June 13 “harder than I’ve ever hit him,” she told cops.

Crawford watched him vomit and complain of agonizing pain for five days as his internal injuries got worse. She never took him to the hospital because she feared getting arrested, she told investigators.

“I was worried they’d see the bruises and I’d get in trouble,” she told cops

Then 5 days later… yes 5 days, she noticed that Jamar Crawford wasn’t moving and his hands were cold and she finally then decided to take him to hospital where he subsequently died.

Oh and if you were wondering if this was a moment of madness in an otherwise acceptable life then you would be wrong, Kim already had a history of arrests for drugs and assault and at the time of the murder had an arrest warrant out in her name for violating a previous probation.

Kim you are a disgrace to the human race and don’t deserve to ever see the light of day again, thanks for putting another black mark on gaming for no apparent reason.

Source: Gamepron & bossip

Last Updated: June 22, 2011

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