50 cool things we learnt about Destiny 2 from our hands-on visit

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FINALLY, DESTINY 2 IS COMING. With a ton of info, as developer Bungie decided to spill the beans on their first proper sequel. Beans which we picked up,to the tune of fifty as today’s hands-on session revealed plenty of information. Here’s the rundown of what I discovered while I wandered if I could kill the YouTuber in front of me and consume his place in the line to play Destiny 2.


  • Destiny 2 kicks off with your Guardian at full strength,but it isn’t long before Ghaul and his Red Legion sever your connection to the Light of the Traveller
  • While the same three classes will be in action (Warlock,Titan and Hunter), they’ll all get a fourth new powerset to complement their Arc, Void and Solar skills
  • Warlocks can now access the powers of the Dawnblade
  • Hunters get to dance around foes with the Arc-Strider sub-class
  • Titans can wield the shield of the Sentinel sub-class
  • The skillsets established across Destiny and its expansions have also been massively tweaked and modified


  • Your arsenal comes in three flavours now: Kinetic,Energy and Power
  • Kinetic offers standard damage with regular rounds
  • Energy adds elemental damage to the mix
  • Power lives up to its name, offering heavy-hitting responses to enemies
  • Basically any weapon type can belong to one of the three categories above, instead of being limited to Primary, Secondary and Heavy categories
  • Three new weapons were introduced: SMGs, Gatling cannons and grenade launchers
  • Suros,Omolon,Hakke and Tex Mechanica have some new competition: Veist.

New planets

  • In addition to the new hub, there’ll be four new zones/planets to explore:
  • Earth, Titan, Io, and Nessus
  • Earth is home to the European Dead Zone,which survived the cut content of Destiny 1 to resurface again in the sequel
  • Bungie said the the EDZ is their “largest destination yet,” with access to caves, a new hub and a massive forest
  • Titan is a moon orbiting Saturn that has no actual terrain,only interlinked platforms from mankind’s Golden Age
  • Titan vanguard Zavala can be found here, seemingly in self-imposed exile
  • Bungie described Nessus as a “strange and unstable planetoid” that the Vex have taken over and turned into one of their machine planets
  • Cayde-6 can be found here, up to shenanigans presumably
  • Io is the last location that The Traveler visited before the Golden Age of humanity ended, and is considered holy ground for Guardians
  • Ikora can be found here, as she searches for answers

Dominus Ghaul

  • Project Lead Mark Noseworthy described Ghaul to us as “the hero of his own story”
  • Dominus Ghaul’s primary objective is to show humanity that the Traveller chose wrong, as he strips the Guardians of their connection to the mythic being
  • Unlike Oryx the Taken King,Ghaul believes that he’s actually helping humanity
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The Red Legion

  • This division of the Cabal aren’t your ordinary grunts,but rather their elite special forces
  • They’re also more varied in their ranks: Red Legion troops include flamethrower soldiers, elite ground forces,hunting packs, sniping Psions and cleaver-wielding Butchers
  • Flamer troops can be taken out explosively,if Guardians can snipe the fuel tank on their back
  • Butchers are meatier opponents who rush Guardians to deliver melee beatdowns
  • The new Phalanxes are also wise to your ways. Their new shields prevent their feet from being peppered with bullets,although it does have a large weakpoint in the middle


  • Destiny 2’s newest Crucible mode is simple but quick: Countdown
  • The map we played Countdown on was called Midtown. It lives up to its name
  • Countdown has opposing Guardians either setting off charges, or defending and defusing them
  • Charges go off very quick so awareness of the map is paramount here
  • Guardian lives are limited. One death and you’re out
  • There are respawns available, but good luck surviving long enough to help out a teammate.
  • Countdown has a best of five setup
  • All PvP modes are now 4v4 games


  • Destiny 2 now has official clan support
  • Bungie calls Clan creation a “new integrated system that allows friends to bring their community and unique culture to the forefront of Destiny”
  • In-game rosters will allow players to build and customise their teams
  • Clans will also have shared rewards,with all clan-mate actions contributing even if they’re playing solo

Guided Games

  • Destiny 2’s answer to Looking For Group is a new system which will allow lone wolves and social players to pair up to tackle strikes, raids and missions
  • This new feature allows solo players to find and play with other players to enjoy Destiny 2 and earn new in-game rewards like weapons, and armour,” Bungie said.

Destiny on PC

  • Vicarious Visions have developed Destiny 2 for PC
  • Destiny 2 will have 4K support
  • And a FOV slider
  • PC will not have dedicated servers
  • The PC version of Destiny 2 will be released after the console versions,when Bungie is happy with the end result

There’s even more out there,of which I’ll have more wrap-ups written for just as soon as kick my jet lag in the balls.

Last Updated: May 19, 2017

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