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Gaming and sex go hand-in-hand whether you’re willing to admit it or not. You’re either not getting any because you spend too much time playing games and too little time socialising with potential suitors, not getting any because the your current partner is pissed that you spend so much time gaming or if you’re lucky, getting some because you spend so much time gaming.

Being a gamer can be hard on your relationship or it can be the best thing about it. Say what you will though, there’s no escaping that the two are inter-linked.

She just doesn’t get it

I’m sure there are many guys out there whose ladies just don’t get along with the idea of spending hours playing games. You’ve all heard something along these lines: “You don’t spend enough time with me!”, “You stay up too late playing games!”. “We never do things together!”, “We never go out because you spend all your time playing games with your friends!”. And how do you fix this? Not by giving up that which you love most. Compromise is your best friend and hers too.

You’ll never get it until you try it, and I’m not talking about The Sims. Ladies, show your partner some love by at least trying to understand their hobby. I never understood how my partner could spend so many hours playing games, until I started playing them myself. Now I spend just as much time at my PC. Guys, don’t buy your wives The Sims okay? Maybe if you get her something that you actually like too, you can play it together some time and boom! The spending time together issue is solved! We all know that inevitably it all boils down to the same thing, eventual romance of the intimate kind, and I’m sure that nobody actually hates that unless you’re seriously messed up.

I’ve seen that a lot of the time, women are the guilty party when it comes to not budging. For whatever reason they’re not as open to start gaming with their partners as men are to teach theirs.

Socializing versus your happy place

Every once in a while we have to go outside. You know, that place where you can see the sky and get something called fresh air. While many gamers are social butterflies, some of us, admittedly myself included just like it more inside where we can play games and be happy and safely away from actual people. But whether you prefer to be single or looking for a special some one, there’s nothing as satisfying as finding some one in a place other than online dating sites.

It’s no secret that people tend to be more honest and brave online, but it’s also no secret that people lie a hell of a lot easier online too. You can be any one you want. I’d rather not take the risk of going on a date with sexy_gamer_88 just to find out he or she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, know what I mean? Either way if it’s some romance you’re looking for, you’re going to have to do something. Many people believe that gamers, especially male gamers have a tendency to be shy around women and struggle to get some. This is not true. I believe that if you are an introvert, you would have been one whether you were a gamer or not. Do I believe that introverts tend to be gamers more so than extroverts? No I don’t. I actually think that gamers make way better partners, many of them are super smart, able to keep themselves busy for hours and aren’t overly needy. Sounds perfect right? You are a catch, get out there and prove it!

Gamer couples, the best kind there are

You have the best of both worlds, yes you do. Live long and prosper. Here’s what I’ve experienced in my relationship. Both of us are gamers and it’s working out perfectly. Before I started gaming, I felt a little neglected and maybe a little bit bored. But now, things are so much easier. Want to spend time together? Let’s play some Dota 2! Need some time apart? I’m going to go play some Dota 2. Want to spend some time with your friends instead? Go play some Dota 2.

Best part is, if you do spend some time together playing Dota 2, you don’t even have to dress fancy. Pizza, Coca-Cola and video games: best date ever! And after that, chances are you’re both in an awesome mood for romance. Unless you lost of course, don’t lose.

No matter what’s happening in your love life and gaming life, it’s something that will never go away. So make the best of it. 

Last Updated: February 6, 2013

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