512MB memory card – Xbox 360

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 So one of the worst kept secrets is now no longer a secret. Microsoft have now officially announced that they are going to be selling a 512MB memory card for the 360.

The new price is $49.99, I am still waiting for pricing details in SA but as usual times by 9 and you seem to get close enough. R450….

The old 64MB card will now be $29.99 – R270…

So great news…. yeah right who cares about a stinking memory card when you have the HDD already 🙂

One good thing that was released is that the new XBLA titles can now take up 150 megs instead of 50…. It’s time to start buying more bandwidth so we can keep up with the games…

Link to 512MB memory card and exciting XBLA news – Xbox 360 Fanboy

Last Updated: March 5, 2007

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