Yesterday, we learned that United Front Games and Square Enix were teaming up again to bring us more games set within the “Sleeping Dogs universe.” As huge fans of Sleeping Dogs, the prospect alone has us rather excited. Here’s a list of 5 things we’d want to see in Triad Wars.

A bigger, better city


Sleeping Dogs was set in Hong Kong, and managed to capture the essence of that island perfectly. For brief moments, I felt like I was back there, taking in the neon lights, congested streets and, yes, all those pork buns. However, the Hong Kong we saw in Sleeping Dogs featured just a section Hong Kong main island, and it would be great to see Kowloon, the New Territories and the outlying areas as well. and it would be great if the city was more tangible – with more buildings you can enter (and run up like a ninja), shops, more properties and more food stalls.

Even better combat

Sleeping Dogs (8)

The melee combat in Sleeping Dogs is better than just about every other open world game save for one; Arkham City and it would be fantastic if a new Sleeping Dogs kept the kung-fu focus, but allowed it to flow better with more expansive combos. I want to feel like I’m Jackie Chan or Sammo Hung. It would also be nice if there were a few more environmental cues for those gory finishers; the idea is sound, it just wasn’t implemented as well as it could be.

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An option to play through the majority of the game in Cantonese

Sleeping Dogs (13)

As somebody whose family speaks Cantonese, hearing it spoken in a game was a treat – and it fit everything perfectly. It’s such a bad-ass sounding language. I’d love to be able to play through the entire game in Cantonese (with subtitles!), which would make the entire experience just that much more immersive, much like playing Metro in Russian or Assassin’s Creed 2 in Italian did.

A better social interaction system


Dating was an interesting way of finding the game’s myriad unlockables, but the system could do some work – especially when you have somebody as awesome as Emma Stone providing voice work, and then you end up doing missions with her exactly twice before throwing her out like yesterday’s leftover chow faan.

More consequences for your actions

Sleeping Dogs (4)

As Wei-Shen, a cop caught between doing his civic duty and becoming entrapped within the criminal  triad underworld, the game was sold as having real consequences. Wei Shen could align more towards being a good guy with the police, or a Triad boss with the son on Yee – but in the end those choices made very little difference to how the game panned out. It would be great for there to actually be real consequences for the choices made in game.

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Be an actual game, preferably single player

Sleeping Dogs (3)

If Triad Wars ends up being a mobile, socially connected spin off, or even a multiplayer-centric game that bears little to no resemblance to the original game, I’m out – no matter how delicious the in-game pork buns look.

That’s it. That’s what we want from a new, preferably next-gen Sleeping dogs. What would you want to see in Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars.

Last Updated: October 9, 2013

was reviewed on PC

Geoffrey Tim

Editor. I’m old, grumpy and more than just a little cynical. One day, I found myself in possession of a NES, and a copy of Super Mario Bros 3. It was that game that made me realise that games were more than just toys to idly while away time – they were capable of being masterpieces. I’m here now, looking for more of those masterpieces.

  • Admiral Chief of Rivia

    You bring up 5 very awesome points there Mr A-Z

    • Seraphim

      So of the 6 points listed which 1 do you not agree with?

      A bigger, better city
      Even better combat
      A better social system
      More consequences
      Be an actual game

      • Admiral Chief of Rivia

        Hehehe, guess.

        • Lardus-Resident Perve

          Cantonese 😛

      • Downloadable content John

        Social system, no thanks. I have FB for that.

        • Brady miaau

          Social system means (I think) in game Girlfiends. Date twice, leave, never see again. What is that all about? They were just keys to more unlocks, not actual fleshed out characters or events.

          • Downloadable content John

            I see you have some experience in this manner of obtaining keys…

          • Brady miaau

            Keys? No.

            notches on a certain post? Perhaps.

            Yipes, not really. Ok, not often

          • Yep..the social interaction in the game was broken

          • Brady miaau

            No, do not think so. Broken implies not working. It was not implemented, not there, just plain disappointing. OK, broken.

  • oVg

    It all comes down to the driving. Look at how lovely the roads are in GTAV when compared to GTAIV. They know how frustrating it is trying to weave, duck and dive through traffic when a car cannot even fit in between 2 cars.

    GTAV nailed it. True Crime Hong Kong (Sleeping Dogs) was very frustrating on the roads. Sure, Hong Kong does not have wide roads like LA but if they can make the commuting between missions more fun then it would be perfect. Never mind the fuzzy graphics, it is the gameplay that should always be king.

    GTAV has some shit hot play testing in there. The cars were very hard to control at first but after countless hours it became very tight and enjoyable.

    If Sleeping dogs had the fighting of Batman AC, shooting of Max Payne, driving of GTAV, story of True Crime it would be perfect. Never mind the expensive lighting.

    • Umar ZoMg Reiner

      Actually found the driving to be quite nice, given I haven’t tried GTA V yet

      • oVg

        The motorbikes in GTAV are a dream, the horizon even tilts into the corner. But the amount of times that I crashed in True Crime Hong Kong was far more than GTA.

        The driving was just pure ARCADE. GTAV found the sweet spot in the middle of arcade and sim.

        • Brady miaau

          I think you are right. Driving quickly becomes old hat in SD

        • Umar ZoMg Reiner

          Well currently SD holds top rank for me, sounds like GTA V will shatter that completely. In all honesty SD is one of the best Open World games out there…need to get GTA V 🙁

          • Downloadable content John

            Saints Row can’t really compete here.

          • Umar ZoMg Reiner

            Saints Row is great but SD is still better in terms of the story telling quality and gameplay

          • Downloadable content John

            SR is the clown between these games. It’s great fun and all, but it doesn’t take itself serious. Which has its own appeal.

          • brad coetzee

            oh man are you in for treat!

  • Umar ZoMg Reiner

    Nice, I would pretty much want the same, this game is like a wet dream for Shenmue fans (Like myself) all it needs is some more over the top kung-fu….I will be so sad if this is some MOBA like what they did with Legacy of Kain, speaking of that…what the F***K!! why turn legacy of Kain into an online multiplayer game

  • Ultimo_Cleric N7

    GTA’s competition right here.

    • supersceptile D

      Gta five is boring as fuck and I know countless people who sold it

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    All of the above, especially no.6 #foreverSP!

  • Brady miaau

    The game felt like an interactive movie towards the end, no choice, and choices made in the game felt meaningless.

    Other than that, perhaps some better driving, but all in all, one of the better games I have played.

    hope they do not stuff it up.

  • Lardus-Resident Perve

    Would love to have different combat styles. Sure, his hard-hitting style is fun, but what about some snake, crane or drunken boxing? THAT would be awesome. Plus of course the ultimate fighting style: B?jíquán combined with Paguashan (?) Can’t remember exactly, but there is a proverb “When B?jíquán and (other style) meet, Heroes will cry and Gods will tremble”

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      There was drunken master style, you had to wear the outfit to use it though.

      • Lardus-Resident Perve

        DLC probably…

        • Alien Emperor Trevor

          Not sure, I bought the whole lot during the last Steam xmas sale. 91% off woohoo!

      • Brady miaau

        It seemed like an afterthought and was not fun or practical, for me anyway

        • Alien Emperor Trevor

          I tried it out for a bit, the combos didn’t seem to work properly with it so stopped after a little while.

    • Lardus-Resident Perve

      Aha: “When pigua is added to baji, gods and demons will all be terrified. When baji is added to pigua, heroes will sigh knowing they are no match against it.”

  • Rock789

    As you say Geoff, as long as this is a proper game and not some mobile only spin-off nonsense, then I am already sold!

    Sleeping Dogs for me was an awesome game! I loved it! And yes, it was better than GTA IV – by a country mile! I’d love a good sequel. And, as long as there are pork buns and some kick-ass kung fu, then I’m 100% in. 🙂 Game of the Year 2012 contender, for sure (only just didn’t get the award, in my eyes, coz a certain Mass Effect 3 happened to be released in the same year).

  • Aussious

    My copy is picking up dust I’ll give it some attention soon.

  • NecroRince

    I want some Bao Zi!

  • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)


  • Dakan45

    Better meele combat system, more combos and enviroment interaction like the true crime games.

    Better and more shooting.

    KEEP THE RACES and dont remove em like saints row.

    Most importantly a better main quest with more things happening later on.

  • Sheldon Prescott

    I loved Sleeping Dogs, but I have to agree. The combat was very bland. I got bored with it very quickly. They need to address that.

  • Dauntrell Davis

    I want a MUCH longer storyline , a lot more activities to partake in main and post-gameplay , an extremely vast map of Hong Kong (more than just the one island) , Customization options for cars (actual options : torque , engine , color , etc . ) of my choice , Better and enhanced interaction with characters , A more profound impact on consequence and reward for the choices you make , actual choice of alignment between triads and cops , more diverse combat moves for fresh gameplay, and last but not least a little more housing options . That would make Sleeping Dogs : Triad Wars perfect : )

  • Narcissus Shapiro

    What about a game that actually is worth my money and not just giving me a blank screen.

    • Narcishat Shatiro

      Haha sucks for you biatch lmao

  • popol

    you got the key word , it’s Jackie Chan, but you forgot the most important to me, it’s the number of items we can grab to fight. it’d be great if we could fight with brooms, stools, chairs, skates… just like jackie chan. I played die hard arcade just before this game and it’s great fun to use all those objects, in the ps2 version you can even use toy trumpets to stun ennemies. there are infinite ideas to make fights awesome without using firearms in a good beat em all, that’s what i want to see 🙂

  • fdsaqwrwr1235..

    I think they need weapon selection to be like GTA, more things to buy, planes/ helicopters, cop barriers, natural locations ( like mount chiliad ), multiplayer toggle not MMO, more songs on the radio, more jumps, stupider costumes, black people, making Amanda not want to take so many dayum pictures, easter eggs, better dancing, glitch mode, explosions, Bazooka, assassinations, and drag queens. It sounds like a lot but.. I mean it would be pretty cool.

  • Ush Lee

    Agree with all the points With the addition of having very good graphics.

    With melee combat, I wish if you had a knife and the opposition does aswell countering shouldn’t involve dodging but actually go all out eskrima style, Also more ground moves, such as when tackling an opponent down you get a choice of doing either ground n pound, armbar, kimura, chokes etc. If someone wishes to tackle you, you either shove them away or choke em out.

    Driving should be realistic, that’s for sure, unless theres a turn on or off button for arcade driving.

    I want UFG to focus entirely on the story, making damn sure it will make Hong Kong cinema proud, they should probably hire a HK director.

    I would love for them to expand HK, even adding mass transit and population. Maybe even adding that bungee jumping tower from Macau to add some thrill. Interactive stores would be good, and totally add an even cooler parkour system.

    Consequenes for your choices would be great, definitely on the cops side though even though Mrs. Jiang already knows you’re a cop soooooooo….

    I would like relationships to go further, we cannot have Wei staying lonely, lonesome makes people go crazy, dnt wnt dat fr pr Wei.

    In the end I think UFG will do a great job on Triad Wars, making itself a contending series against the almighty grand theft auto.

  • lowkey

    What a dumb list lmao, “u know what u did in the last game, do the same thing ok a bigger/better scale” was basically this whole shit

  • ATySuko

    …and more brutal finishers. Seriously that fighting style and the finishers are the reasons why I enjoy playing this game.

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