60% of Killzone 2 players go online

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Here’s a nice little stat that was picked up by Ace-Za…

According to VGChartz Killzone 2 has just broken through the million barrier with total worldwide sales of 1 038 143 units, which is a pretty impressive number for a mere two weeks in retail.

However what is more impressive is that if you head on over to Killzone2.com you will see that 605 669 players have been tagged as playing online, which means that just over 60% of the people who have purchased Killzone 2 have been entertained by the online portion of the hit PS3 exclusive.

If you haven’t been to Killzone2.com it’s well worth the visit for the stats fans, you can keep track of all the important information such as kills, team kills, deaths, kills per hour… so yeah it’s like a death leaderboard.

So where do you rank in the world?

[Thanks Ace-ZA for the tip]

Last Updated: March 13, 2009

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