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8 Best Mind Games for Android and iOS

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When your bus is stuck in a traffic jam or when your plane is delayed, why not make good use of your time? Mind the video games available to play on your smartphone, which give a great possibility to chill out and advance logic, concentration, and attention at the same time.

Even if you have not downloaded any games to your device and do not gave enough storage space, you can still enjoy mind games. The solution is online games, a wide choice of which you can find on the gaming platform Game Karma

The top 8 video games for erudition development:

·         BeGenius

·         The Weakest Link

·         Da Vinci Riddles: Mystery

·         Who Wants to be a Millionaire

·         QuizzLand

·         Trivia Crack

·         94%

·         Imagzle


Players are allowed to play for 15 historical characters. Each of them must be pumped in intellectual battles with other famous people. The character also has special equipment and skills.

The Weakest Link

The game requires not only great knowledge but also strategic thinking as well as skills in psychology. All this will help not to fly out ahead of time, reach the final, and even win. Just like in the favorite TV show.

Da Vinci Riddles: Mystery

The game has two game modes: classic and quiz. In the first case, participants are required to answer questions in different categories of knowledge (art, cinema, games, cities, great people, etc.). In the second, players are waiting for a limited number of questions on one topic, to which they must give as many correct answers as possible.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Find yourself inside the famous TV show! Creators update the base of questions constantly. So, the game keeps you in suspense and makes you strain your convolutions. The final goal is to become a millionaire, a virtual one, of course. “Millionaire” has a simple and familiar design and lots of exciting questions to puzzle over, and revolutionized TV gameshows when it was launched, according to CNN. It’s a game that will always have a lasting legacy (see why here).


An entertaining intelligence quiz where players have to answer a lot of questions from various fields and test their abilities and even IQ level. The game cannot become boring because of the constantly increasing level of difficulty.

Trivia Crack

The game database of questions is updated on a regular basis. Most of the questions are from creators, but it is also possible to answer questions from other gamers and ask your own. The game is well-known for its bright cartoonish design, user-friendly menu, and playful little men. Although the game has many sequels and offshoots, the classic version is still popular.  


The game is an intelligence quiz, which offers participants gameplay with various levels. The main goal is to give 94% correct answers to questions that have already been answered by other players. It is useful for associative thinking, reaction, and imagination advancement.


It is a famous puzzle game useful for the improvement of abstract and logical thinking. The game rules are simple – you get a question and a picture with a hint and have to find an answer. Questions cover a variety of areas, there are music levels, and questions are replenished every week.

Last Updated: August 9, 2022

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