A local Modern Warfare 3 montage–High 5

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We’ve seen a few Modern Warfare 3 montages showing broken spawn points and the like but I think this is the first locally made one that I’ve seen – and as such I had to share it.

I’ve unfortunately been matched against High 5 before in a Modern Warfare 3 game and I have to admit I really didn’t enjoy it at all. They are on a completely different level to me and the constant sniper kills drove me insane.

But my lack of ability isn’t anything against them and so if you think you’re good at this game then keep an eye out for High 5 locally and give it a go.

As a side note, they wanted me to do a write up about their clan but I don’t know enough to really do that. If you are in a clan and want some coverage then put together a post about how awesome you are and send it in. We’ll make sure everyone knows it’s written by the clan and then post it up.

If we get enough submissions we could do a post a week about a new South African clan and hopefully start some Internet wars.

Oh and apparently they are not part of the High 5 TV show… pity

Last Updated: January 4, 2012

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