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A new Nintendo Switch with a second display was teased in the console’s latest update

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Yesterday’s new firmware update for the Nintendo Switch was kind of nice. Being able to remap your Joycon controllers and eShop bookmarks made for a worthwhile download, but for data-miners it looks like there was some gold to be revealed within the nitty-gritty of the update code. Taking a dig through the Switch’s new 10.0.0 firmware update while paying close attention to a digital canary presumably, veteran data miner Mike Heskin uncovered code pointing to “preliminary support” for a new Switch model, that goes under the name of nx-abcd.

That bit of text lines up with previously discovered Nintendo Switch and Switch devkit codenames (nx-abca, nx-abca2, nx-abcb, and nx-abcc as Games Radar pointed out), as well as the recently released revised regular Switch model and the Switch Lite.

What’s also neat is the discovery of new DRAM profiles! Oh and also some code detailing a new Switch model that makes use of a second display for…stuff? This wouldn’t be the first time that Nintendo slapped a second screen on one of their handheld consoles and told you that the bad boy could hold so many dang pixels, as the Nintendo DS and 3DS consoles made good use of second screen technology for many a year back in the day.

For now though, it’s all just a tease and I’m still wracking my brain trying to figure out how a second display would even work on Switch hardware. Probably something smaller, but surprising in its application knowing Nintendo. The gaming giant has confirmed that there will be no new Nintendo Switch console this year but 2021 could be a different story though if the Big N decides to celebrate the fourth birthday of their game-changing console with a beefy hardware upgrade.

Last Updated: April 15, 2020

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