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A new survey shows young men and women watch more esports than sports

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A new survey, State of Online Video research report, conducted by Limelight Networks on 4,000 people from France, Germany, India, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, the UK and USA revealed some interesting results surrounding the younger gaming demographics. The United States stood out as people aged 18-25 watched more esports than traditional sport.

In the 18-25 category, it seemed the only thing men watched online were movies, meaning that esports is taking over the younger demographics around most of the surveyed regions.

Moving through the different age groups it’s easy to see that esports is growing as well. In the 26-35 group traditional sports barely outweighs esports. The United States offered the most interesting results as many of those surveyed showed a heavier weighting towards esports over traditional sports.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact influence which is increasing the esports exposure, but some of it can be accredited to the non-endemic interest from sporting brands and major organizations who have taken up esports over the past several months. Football and Basketball organizations who have picked up esports teams have opened a new world to a number of their fans, and the number is growing steadily with each month. It’s also worth noting that esports competitions are shattering records year after year in terms of viewership, and the upcoming League of Legends World Championships is one of the front runners which brings in hundreds of millions of viewers for their Championship. 2017 Will be no different, and with Worlds around the corner we can be sure that records will be broken.

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Last Updated: September 14, 2017

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