A quick look at Sunset Overdrive’s weapons

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I’m a wee bit sceptical of Insomniac’s Xbox One exclusive sunset Overdrive. It looks like it’s a world of fun, and it’s rather easy on the eye as well – but when I see “Insomniac” I no longer think about Ratchet and Clank or Resistance; the game that immediately comes to mind is FUSE, that soulless and dull co-op shooter that was borne from the actually interesting-looking Overstrike. Still, if there’s any one thing that Insomniac absolutely nails it’s weaponry – and it looks like they’ve got it right again.

So here then, is a look at some of the weaponry you’ll be able to destroy things with in the colourful and vibrant Xbox One exclusive, Sunset Overdrive.

Anybody else wanna punch an Insomniac employee in the face? No, just me?

Anyway, Insomniac’s upcoming open-world shooter is coming to the Xbox One towards  the end of this year. Expect to see quite a bit of it at E3 this year.

Last Updated: May 30, 2014

Geoffrey Tim

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