A Sad Day For Gaming: Relic's Brian Woods Dies Saving Pregnant Wife

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The Lazygamer flag is at half-mast today in light of the recent news involving Relic Entertainment’s lead designer Brian Woods.

Known for his work on Company of Heroes, Brian woods was involved in a fatal car accident on Tuesday, and died ensuring the safety of his pregnant wife and soon to be child. When an SUV (being manned by the passenger while the driver removed a sweater) lost control and was about to cause a head-on collision with their vehicle, Brian Woods braked hard and swerved the car to the right, protecting his pregnant wife by ensuring that his side of the car was hit instead.

The collision unfortunately ended his life, but police say that had the head-on collision taken place, they would all have died instead.

So today, we tip our hats to Brian Woods who died putting other lives in front of his own. He is a true hero and our thoughts go out to his family in this very difficult time.

Source: The Province via VG247

Last Updated: September 8, 2010

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