A videogame controlled by kissing

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Motion controls are all the rage right now, primarily thanks to Nintendo’s market-dominating Wii and metoo follow-ups by Microsoft and Sony. Imagine a game controlled not through the motion of your arms, wrists or even your whole body – but rather one controlled by your lips and tongue.

Thanks to artist Hye Yeon Nam, that’s now a reality. For reasons known only to her, and possibly her Asian father with exceedingly high expectations, she’s managed to rig up a bowling game that’s controlled through French kissing.

How does sticking one’s tongue down somebody else’s throat make the game work? Hye Yeon Nam had this to say on her blog :

“One person has a magnet on his/her tongue and the other person wears the headset. While they kiss, the person who has the magnet on his/her tongue, controls the direction and speed of the bowling ball for 20 seconds. The goals of this game are to guide the ball so that it maintains an average position in the center of the alley and to increase the speed of the ball by moving the tongue faster while kissing.”

Beyond looking awkward and having no real application for real games, this sets a terrible precedent that certain Japanese developers might follow – and you should expect this sort of technology to be applied to more lurid, sordid sorts of gaming experiences.

Kiss Controller from Hye Yeon Nam on Vimeo.

Last Updated: February 22, 2011

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