Aaron Greenberg corrects the Major and proves us right

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Yesterday morning I posted up an article about how the PS3 has done really well by closing in on the Xbox 360’s lead and is now a mere 3 million behind.

Unfortunately some of the other gaming journalists around pounced on a typo by Major Nelson and inflammatory headlines with exclamation marks and all caps comments flooded the Internet.

Oddly enough no one insinuated I was bribed or anything which was different (and quite pleasant) but just to clarify for anyone who still isn’t convinced.

Aaron Greenberg has confirmed that the 42 million units sold that Major Nelson posted is in fact old information, the latest sales (they said sales not me) figures are over 45 million for the Xbox 360 which is half a million more than I posted.

Leaving the 360 ahead by 3.5 million and the PS3 still on target to overtake by mid 2011.

However my personal opinion is that the 360 will gain another 3 million in sales purely on the Kinect by July next year and as such the gap won’t be changing until the run up to Christmas 2011 with the PS3 finally overtaking the 360 in 2012.

Anyone else want to place some bets on the table?

Source: Mindch

Last Updated: November 2, 2010

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