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Recently a local journalist wrote an article about video game journalism and how it’s done; and because this is for obvious reasons a subject very close to me, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. The very disappointing perception of this profession, from some one supposedly in it made me realize that few people really know what it’s all about.

I never presume to think that I can tell any one how to do this job, even though I feel confident enough to view some of my work as well written or well received, I don’t feel like I’m even half way there. Apart from grammar and spelling, knowledge is first and foremost very important. Something I feel that people don’t just discard when reading a journalist’s work. More often than not people will pick up on a journalist sucking something out of their thumb and contrary to that, basing an opinion on experience and knowledge. So what does it say about our local media when journalists write poor articles making unfounded statements and thinking that they can sell it with gamer “slang”? Not much more than: “I’m trying to fill a schedule regardless of quality”. If you’re looking at our local media to formulate a well rounded perspective of what video game journalism is, then you aren’t doing it right.

That being said, I’m not saying at all that our local media has no good journalists. There is a handful that I have enormous respect for; not only for their knowledge and opinion, but the absolute talent they have when it comes to the use of language and capturing their readership without “click-bait” headlines or outrageous statements. I guess the only way to explain why I feel so insulted and shocked at the mentioned perception is to quote something from the article.

[quote]“We’re kind of like clowns but without the funny wigs (this hair is all real) and also just a smidgen less creepy (some of us). So if you can say many stupid things and have a reasonable knowledge of syntax and punctuation, you should probably consider e-journalism as a possible career-path.”[/quote]

Is this really what people think we do? Make jokes and say stupid things as long as we have good punctuation? I’d like to think that we’ve published some in-depth articles, articles with substance, which are thought provoking, not only from the Lazygamer team itself, but from our contributors. As for video game journalism as a whole, it’s more my sentiment that we have top quality journalists around the globe working for major sites, even if they are less than the amount of journalists who are still trying to get  to that level.

For me, video game journalism is not about getting free games or traveling to events or having the freedom to express myself without compromising my views or opinions, and not about having the freedom to be humorous and blunt. Video game journalism is about sharing yourself, because every review I write, every editorial I write is giving a part of who I am as a person. I’m shocked that some one who’s supposed to have the same career as I have would degrade it to such an extent that it comes across as something that doesn’t require any skill of any kind, something that makes us all look like a joke.

So here’s a plea to our local media: Please start taking your job seriously. If you think it’s just all about jerking around all day and trolling, then you aren’t in the right profession. Copy pasting press releases make us look stupid and the inability to generate unique content without getting the idea from another local site makes us look even more so.

Yes every website or media outlet has their own vibe, and even though we are fond of the more casual and honest vibe here on Lazygamer, that doesn’t mean that you can use it as an excuse to write incoherent, random crap that makes our local media look bad.

And finally, a big thank you to those who show pride in being good writers and publish articles worth reading.

Last Updated: March 22, 2013