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Abra Cadaver! Autopsy Simulator looks like a creepy combo of corpses and ghosts

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Autopsy Simulator

Death, the final frontier. Nobody knows for certain what lies beyond this mortal realm, but what we do know is that cause of an untimely demise can be discovered through the art of science-stabbing a corpse. Called an autopsy in more polite circles, all a doctor has to do to create some magic is shout ‘Abra Cadaver’ and thrust some surgical steel into your recently deceased frame to find out what caused a fatal malfunction.

Sounds like the perfect recipe for a video game, right? Right! Such a game is indeed on the way, in the form of Autopsy Simulator. Starring as Jack last name not given, it’s up to you to hack into a corpse and discover the cause of death. In my case, it’s probably a combination of peer pressure, my name being shouted three times as if I were a Jackass version of Candyman and the consumption of a plate of hair that will lead to my body being left on an operating table.

Here’s the catch: Those damn “sinister forces” plaguing Jack just won’t give him a chance to do his job properly:

Autopsy Simulator is a simulator game with horror elements, in which the player can do the examination of the corpse, and on the basis of results the player can determine the cause of death.

Kind of gruesome stuff right there, and yet I’m properly interested. The Foley department is on point with all the audio squishiness, and developer Woodland Games say that  put proper focus into realism, organs and injuries using “the help of pathomorphologists and forensic doctors, so you will feel as if you’re involved in a real autopsy process”.

Plus you’ll need to deal with some mental horror, so that should help distinguish Autopsy Simulator further from the obvious Surgery Simulator comparisons. There’s no release date yet, but if you feel like losing your lunch then you can take a gander at the Steam page for the game right now.

Last Updated: April 21, 2020

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