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Accept it, the Wii is here to stay

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It amazes me that so many people still believe the Wii is a fad or that it doesn’t have staying power.

The latest story I have come across is from ThatGamingSite.com who firmly believes that all gamers will finally get bored of the Wii and move back to the real consoles (360 and PS3).

They also basically believe that the Wii is only popular thanks to the new motion sensitive controls. Which is possibly true but that isn’t a bad thing.

How much of the PlayStation’s popularity was originally based on the rumbling controller or the Xbox’s popularity purely down to online ability of the console.

The thing is the Wii isn’t going anywhere as it appeals directly to a much larger market than the hardcore gaming market and while the graphics are not as good, most people don’t care.

Nintendo are going to win this generation for one reason and one reason only… They targeted the enjoyment value of gaming, which is what the star of our last story should have done.

Last Updated: July 21, 2008

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