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According to SCIENCE, Xbox gamers are superior to their PC and PS4 counterparts

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When the line in the sand has been drawn, whose side will you stand on? Maybe a few years ago the answer might have been easier, as most gaming fans would either opt for PlayStation or PC. These days though? The Xbox One dragon has been awoken, its rebirth setting the gaming world on fire and establishing its brand as the mightiest in all of gaming.

At least, that’s according to LG’s probably and totally unbias SCIENCE (Thanks Daily Star), as the technology manufacturer tasked its resident boffins to find out which gamers have the quickest reactions in all the land. “More than 1,400 gamers participated in LG’s Elite Reaction Test, created in partnership with Activision,” LG said in a press release.

PC gamers happened to fare the worst, with an average reaction accuracy of 67.7%, compared to Xbox players who had an average accuracy of 77.1%. When taking the test, users were required to click on targets that faded from green to red as quickly as possible to help increase their score.

Overall reaction scores produced from the test show console gamers to have the best reactions, or ‘twitchiness’, with Xbox gamers having an average reaction score of 79.7 and PlayStation gamers with 71.9. PC gamers had the lowest average reaction score, with 62.2. In terms of number of targets hit, Xbox gamers led the way with 78% of clicks on target. PlayStation gamers hit 74%, whilst PC gamers hit just 70% of the time.

Although PC gamers hit fewer targets than their console counterparts, they were, however, the quickest to react with almost 1 in 5 (18%) of the targets hit being green. Compared to Xbox players who only hit 9% of targets while they were green. This meant that while PC gamers were less accurate overall, they did seem to have itchier trigger-fingers.

“The reaction times of console versus PC gamers has been a point of conversation for years, so we decided to put them to the test.,” LG marketing manager David Hall added.

While PC gamers are perhaps traditionally seen as more ‘twitchy’, the LG Elite Reaction Test turned this on its head, as from nearly 2000 people we’ve seen that console gamers managed to hit more targets than PC gamers. However, delving a little deeper and it’s not all bad news for PC gaming aficionados.

Our analysis shows that they actually performed well with reaction time, being twice as good as Xbox players. They just weren’t as accurate overall. No matter how you choose to play, we’re dedicated to creating the best gaming experience we can, with our range of low latency 4K HDR gaming TVs designed to do games justice.

And there you have it. Xbox gamers are the best, everyone else sucks and this pissing contest is finally over with a heck of a long slash against the wall that eclipses all of the competition. If you’re wondering just how quick your own reactions are, you can put them to the test on LG’s special reactionatron 5000 website engine.

Although you’ll probably need a lot of luck to even be worth the notice of the Xbox gaming gods. Let’s see you even try to top my best efforts, chumps.


Last Updated: January 14, 2019

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