Acey's response to Doobiwan

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You’ll remember that a few days ago Doobiwan sent a humorous plea to Aceybongo asking for some help in getting us official Live Status.

Well no one really expected an answer of any kind as I am pretty sure that he gets pestered constantly. However what we failed to take into account was Craig Nicholson our resident Xbox MVP.

Once Craig saw Doobiwan’s posting he sent Acey a heads up and a response was soon arriving. Unfortunately it isn’t anything great but it’s one step closer to the Xbox 360 fans dreams out there.

One of the parts that I enjoyed the most out of his response is that he says we must continue to make out voices heard. Which in essence means we are not getting anything until we kick up enough of a fuss about it.

Follow the link for the full response and well done Doobiwan and CraigN for getting a response for South Africa.

Gamer ZA: Acey’s response

Oh and if you want to send Acey a personalised plea you can find his Windows Live Space here

Last Updated: January 20, 2008

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