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How to activate the Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Public Event heroic trigger

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D2 Crossraods (1)

Tired of destroying Red Legion strip-mining vessels and fending off Taken as you shut down their blights? Well good news then, as Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris introduces a new public event for you to get your hands on. Over on Mercury, you might have noticed that those no good Vex varmints have begun setting up shop near the Lighthouse, totally ruining the location where Brother Vance was getting ready to build an Osiris statue. Bastards.

That’s usually a sign of the Crossroads Public Event, which is pretty much easy to get the hang of: You’ll need to stand in a Vex ring to activate a portal, which you’ll jump into and then find yourself transported to a far side of the map to do battle. Kill all the Vex, take down the Keeper of Ages that appears and grab the orbs that he spawns. Once you and a buddy drop these orbs into a nearby receptacle, return to the middle and repeat the process on the other side to summon a Gate Lord.

Kill the bugger, and you’ll be victorious in the vanilla version of the event. Up for a challenge though? If you’re looking to activate the Heroic Trigger and you’ve got faith in your firearms, then you can tweak the Public Event in the following way:

D2 Crossraods (3)

  • On the platform where you kill the Keeper of Ages, you’ll see a mechanical prism in the air behind where he was.
  • Shoot it, and platforms will spawn for you to jump on
  • Shoot every prism you see, eventually ascending to the top of the island structure
  • At the top, a Vex plate will be present, so stand in it to activate the next part of the challenge
  • A shielded Vex Gate Lord will spawn, requiring you to kill the enemies around it who drops arc charges
  • Take the arc charges, head back to the gates of the first part of the event and then travel along the energy catapult to reach the roof of the center area
  • Dunk the arc charge in the ring, and the Gate Lord’s shield will drop and give you a chance to damage it
  • Repeat until the bastard is deader than disco

D2 Crossraods (4)

And that’s how it’s done! Easy, right? It’s also well worth pursuing, as you’ll have a higher chance of earning an Exotic Engram from a Heroic Triggered Public Event. Handy stuff, considering how the bulk of Curse of Osiris’s new Exotics seem to be locked behind prayers to RNGesus.

Last Updated: December 6, 2017

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