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Activision Are Seeing Dollar Signs

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Over the last week EA have been taking a lot of flack from me. But now somebody else gets to step into the limelight, Activision.

Earlier today Nick posted about the “Day One Advantage” scheme that Activision are going to include as a feature in COD 5, a stupid idea to say the least. The greed doesn’t end there though; Activision announced yesterday that by 2010 they intend to have three times as many Guitar Hero titles on the shelves as well. If you work it out, you realise that this means that they will have to release 3 games per year to meet that target.

Obviously you don’t have to buy every title that they release but it doesn’t stop there, Activision are now looking at introducing a subscription service for Guitar Hero DLC as well.

They want to introduce annual subscriptions which will allow members to download a certain amount of songs per month. I just can’t see what is wrong with the way it is now, which leaves gamers with more choice and the ability to only spend money when something they actually want becomes available.

This concept of doing everything possible to maximize profits and keep shareholders happy is going straight to Activision’s head and I don’t like where it’s heading at all. Gaming is not cheap as it is, and that’s without all of this greed that seems to have started floating around the industry.

source: Kotaku

Last Updated: September 17, 2008

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