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Activision bringing Cut the Rope to consoles?

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Remember when Activision decided to take three 99c mobile games, put them on console and charge you $40 for it? Yes, they actually had the gall to repackage Angry Birds for consoles, add in some arm waving and charge way more for it than logic and sense dictate. They recently did it again, with Angry Birds Star Wars.  It looks like they’ll be doing it one more time.

A rating has popped up on the Australian Ratings Board for what looks like a packaged, console version of mobile phenomenon Cut the Rope. Called “Cut the Rope Trilogy,” the Exient developed, Activision published multiplatform game is more than likely a bundle of the current mobile games (which are 99c a piece) with touch or Kinect features.

It’ll probably be priced at $40, which is a touch ludicrous, if you ask me. I love cut the Rope; it’s a fun and clever little distraction that’s perfect for phones and tablets. It is not, however, worth much more than the $3 it’ll cost you to get the game on your mobile device.

Last Updated: December 5, 2013

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