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Activision is begrudgingly developing movie tie in games

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Darryn recently reviewed The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and even though he pretty much loves any super-hero game he summed the game up as “One of the worst Spider-Man games ever made”.

So how did Activision with all their money and talent manage to develop a game that scored a pretty pathetic 4/10 even though it has a great story and world to tie in to?

Well according to the CEO of Activision, Eric Hirshberg, it’s quite simple. The reason Spider-Man was such a terrible game is because they didn’t really want to make it and didn’t put much effort into it. No seriously, according to a Canadian news website, Eric’s exact quote from E3 was

“We do as good a job as we can creating a compelling experience for those fans, but it’s not the focus of where our development dollars or time and attention has gone”


“The investment profile  – both in terms of time and dollars – is so different for that type of game that it’s hard to even compare it or hold it to the same standards that you would a blockbuster game that you spent several years and tens of millions of dollars making.”

So then if you have no intention of really make a top quality game then why spend any more at all on these movie tie-ins?

Well it’s because the contracts they signed with the movie houses were done a few years back when the market for movie tie-in games was much larger and far more profitable. However as time has gone on the average gamer has stopped caring about these games and as such the interest in developing them has also waned.

So has the audience changed or did Activision, and others, misjudge how many people would be willing to buy a bad game just because it was tied to a movie? I mean have we ever had a good movie tie-in game?

I wonder how many more games they are being forced to develop that will be shown the door with barely enough polish to tempt a German invasion.

Last Updated: June 25, 2014

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