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Activision planning on raking in billions

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If they get it right, Bungie’s Destiny could be an incredible game that reshapes the genre – and the entire industry.  We are psyched about it, and it would seem that Activision is expecting it to be their next cash cow.

At the earnings call from Activision yesterday, CEO Eric Hirshberg said that Destiny is on pace to set an all-time preorder record for a new IP – not just at Activision, but across the industry.  Based on company estimates, Destiny will join COD and Skylanders to become Activision’s third active billion-dollar franchise.  Add to this the upcoming launch of Diablo III on consoles, HearthStone’s upcoming launch and the development of Blizzard All-Stars and it appears that Activision is on track to rake in plenty of cash in the future.

Oh, but they will be spending a lot of that money promoting COD: Ghosts.  In fact, they are planning the most aggressive marketing plan in the history of the Call of Duty franchise.  Great, so they are really sending the dogs out after us.  COD: Ghosts has seen pre-order numbers far below COD: Black Ops 2, but twice those of the first Black Ops.  It seems that COD players might not immediately jump on the sub-brand band wagons – but I’m sure all that marketing will help.

I’m happy for the newly independent Activision-Blizzard – they need to rake in tons of money so that they can start innovating again without worrying about cost!  C’mon guys, make some more great games like you used to.

Last Updated: August 2, 2013

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