Activision Q2 results – PC 1st, Xbox 2nd, PS3 3rd – What no Wii?

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Activision were in the news for all the wrong reasons recently when their CEO, Bobby Kotick, threatening to pull support for the PS3 unless it received a price drop.

Well according to the latest Activision financials the PS3 brought in a cool $152 million in 3 months which makes you think that Bobby could never go through with that threat.

However this doesn’t take into consideration the costs of developing the titles which may indeed be higher than $152 million, though I doubt it.

The leading platform was the PC (Hello World of Warcraft) which brought in $324 million followed then by the Xbox 360 with $231 million.

The Wii was pretty far behind only bringing in $118, followed by the DS ($48), the PS2 ($44) then an other category ($41) and finally the PSP with a measly ($17)

The only question remaining is what the hell fits into the other category? Mobile games maybe?


Last Updated: August 7, 2009

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